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About Us

Happy Campers with Pop-Up Tent Spotbrands is a company committed to creating and providing products that make setting-up or ‘pitching’ your campsite as quick and easy as possible. We will always have a focus on innovative products that are convenient, easy to use, and make your entire camping experience easier and more enjoyable. SpotBrands puts our customers first in all things and will look to our newly formed Camping Club Community to help us innovate to make us all very happy campers.

Spotbrands was formed in 2008 and is the exclusive home of the QuickPitch™ USA pop-up tent, the first product designed and manufactured under the ‘Quick Pitch’ concept ---a concept focused on bringing our customers the products that we believe (based on our design team and research and customer input) are the ‘best in class’ camping products; all of which are quick to ‘pitch’ and set-up as well as easy to use and maintain. We intend to evolve our website to offer the opportunity for our customers to comment and ‘vote’ on products as they are ‘spotted’ by our community.

We know there are a gazillion websites and camping stores out there selling camping gear---dominated by mega-huge companies and we want you to know we appreciate your business.

Thank you. The Product Team at SpotBrands.

Executive Management

Who is Gelert Ltd.?
SpotBrands has licensed the design of the QuickPitch™ USA tent from Gelert Ltd. in the United Kingdom. Gelert is one of the top camping products distributors in the U.K. and has a wealth of product and camping experience for us to draw from as we bring additional products to you.

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