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To pre-register for the SpotBrands Camping Club, just enter your email address and we’ll enroll you straightaway. We expect this area of our site to go live in September 2010. Why join? --- Well, it’s free for one and secondly, we intend to foster and support an entire community, brought together by the love of camping, family adventures, and music and festivals ‘in the field’!

We want our members to ‘spot’ neat and handy camping products and post information for those products for the benefit of the entire Camping Club community. As a ‘spotter’, we’ll review the product(s) you ‘spot’ and if it is worth offering to all, we’ll put the product on our site and offer the ‘spotter’ full recognition and ‘product points’ towards any further product purchases.

We also want the camping club community to post comments and reviews of camping grounds and sites. We intend to offer recognition and some form of credit for each campground Site review that is posted and accepted by our staff to be incorporated in our ‘Campground Site Review’ section of our Camping Club.

The first Camping Club member who visits and reviews a campground/site in each state will become ‘Captain’ of that state’s Camping Club and will receive the notoriety and recognition rightfully due to someone who is posting information for the benefit of all members.

So please pre-register as a member and we’ll send you an email when the Camping Club is ready to go. Thank you!

Camping Club Pre-Registration
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