QuickPitch™ USA Pop-up Tent - Dealer Display and DVD Demo

New Dealers are eligible to receive one (1) Dealer Display and DVD Demo Kit per physical retail store, where each store has a minimum stocking order of 16 units.

The Dealer Display and DVD Demo Kit (the ‘Dealer Kit’) consists of a custom display rack (holds 8 units) with a DVD player and DVD Demo disk. The display stand is custom made of durable PVC parts (white) and was designed to plug together and set-up in less than 5 minutes with no tools required.

While the QuickPitch™ USA Pop-Up Tent was designed for the consumer, the Dealer Kit was designed for retail outlets to sell product and generate revenues. The Dealer Kit also includes a DVD Player which is affixed to the horizontal platform of the display. The DVD player is set each morning to continuously run the Customer Demo, which shows how easily the product is popped open, re-packed, and shows all the benefits and features in a 2.5 minute playing sequence.

Market testing of the Customer Demo was excellent and viewers indicated the Customer Demo made up over 75% of a customer’s buying decision (in lieu of a physical demo).

QuickPitch™ USA Pop-up Tent

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