What are the benefits of a QuickPitch™ USA Tent?
There are many benefits to owning and using a QuickPitch™ USA Tent. It’s very cool and pops open in seconds and packs up in less than a minute (see the 'Packing Up' video). It doesn't get any easier. If it starts to rain, you can be in your tent and protected in less than ten seconds! (this includes the time to take it out of the carry case!). It comes complete, no hidden things you have to buy. It has been customer designed (in Europe) for ease of use, has a convenient rain sheet for the entrance, fluorescent guylines (helps at night to see them), has ample room for two people, taped seams to prevent water leakage, weighs only 6 pounds and comes in a convenient carry case 31" in diameter with a convenient shoulder strap. At $99.95 (with free shipping!), you can have the handiest pop-up tent ever and be ready to camp in minutes. When other campers see this tent pop-up, you'll need to be prepared for questions about how it 'does that'.

With so many tents at music festivals, how can I easily find my tent?
Clip a vertical stick to the top of the highest tent hoop with a piece of colored paper or cloth colored reflector on it. You’ll see your tent from a long ways. LED lights are very cool also.

What is the best angle to set up my guy lines?
After staking down your QuickPitch USA tent, the guys lines can be staked at any convenient angle to maximize the rain canopy’s effectiveness. Always stake the tent firmly as gusts of wind can be more powerful than you think.

Can I use the tent to sleep indoors?
Sure, but be aware that your body creates a lot of heat, so provide for adequate ventilation while you sleep (always a good idea no matter where you pitch your tent!)

If I had to put my tent away damp or wet, what is the best way to prevent any mildew?
Set in up in a dry area and wipe clean with an odor free mildew killer such as Lysol. Allow the tent to air out and dry thoroughly and re-pack for the next use.

What is the warranty period?
View our Warranty Information.

What about the bottom sheet - is it comfortable enough to sleep on?
Well, pebbles and rocks are always a ‘pain’, but your sleeping bag will provide some comfort and there are some very cool self-inflating mattresses for less than $50. They work very well and don’t take up too much room. We’ll have our Sleeping Pod™ available soon and it is very ‘cushy’ comfortable.

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